hey there!


I'm Anya. That photo of me over there is old and I have short hair now.  I'm 27 and I live in the land of cheese and beer--also known as Madison, Wisconsin. I am a huge fan of spending too much money on arguably good coffee, going to concerts, bar trivia, traveling everywhere and anywhere, and photographing the people I love.

Why should I photograph your wedding? Because I love photographing people. Happy people, fun people, and most importantly people in love. That's what I'm here for. I will photograph the moments you were there for and maybe the one’s you weren’t (shots, anyone?). I know how to make wedding parties have fun, how to capture those detail shots you know you want, and the best day of your life, just as it is.

I'm all for capturing real, candid, and honest moments. If you think we'll click (no pun intended), let's do this. I am ready to learn more about you and who you love - whether that’s your pup, special someone, or your gorgeous family. Click that button below!