Best of 2018 // Anya Kubilus Photography

Tomorrow, it will be 2019, and that is absolutely crazy.

When I look back on it, I don’t feel like I took a lot of photos this year, but when I was going through all of the shoots I’ve done and galleries I created for everyone, I realized I took SO MANY photos! It was so hard to narrow down to the best of each shoot!!!

A few highlights of 2018:

  • I got to go to Lake Tahoe for my first Destination Wedding

  • I photographed a crap ton of ADORABLE couples and I’m so freaking stoked for all of their weddings next year

  • I photographed some beautiful weddings at AMAZING venues I’ve been wanting to photograph for YEARS.

  • I photographed my first ever same-sex full on crazy wedding!! They had the best group of people to celebrate with them and their dance floor was like none I’d ever seen before

  • I tried to include different photographic techniques in each wedding/shoot I did including better posing and I’m so excited to implement even more in 2019!

  • Personal highlight: I moved in with my boyfriend in November and we got a Nintendo Switch so if I’m not photographing or editing, I’m probably playing Zelda and drinking a good ol’ Spotted Cow.

Without further ado, here are my favorite images that I created in 2018!!